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To get an insurance, whether it's a life, health or general insurance is always time consuming activity and in most cases sales agent's assistance is required


More importantly the whole transaction from selection of insurance product, signing on plenty of underwriting documents, going through a medical assessment (in case of life and health insurance), taking time out for surveyor's availability for inspection and ultimately payment of premium to the insurance company, then comes the issuance of premium payment receipt and policy certificate along  with policy terms and conditions by the insurance company, up till insured receives his/her policy documents. Ooh! this is undoubtedly a lot of work and probably takes a days or weeks, as its depends on several variables and deliverables


Keeping in mind the unnecessary waste of time and empower the potential customer to enroll with convenience, anytime and anywhere, we are introducing "WinSure" a mobile application platform that will enable customers to get themselves insured by just few clicks of their smart phones (Android + iOS)

Getting a insurance coverage was never easy before



A secure web portal that will help mainly banks and insurance companies along with other related parties to handle customers on robust integrated platform. Banks will be able to record   the customer's information on SSL layer and the same will be shared within the bank among different departments for review, KYC, approvals and loan disbursement. Insurance companies will utilize the same secure/integrated portal for underwriting, survey, policy issuance and renewals


The web portal will have the capability to integrate with any other systems, provide E2E technological support to launch insurance and banking standalone or blended products and totally capable of generating MIS as per business various requirements

The portal security features matches with international financial industry standards. Three broad category we focused in evolution of RMSGateway


The portal security tool we select will provide a critical component of portal overall security solution. It should deliver the level of security needed to provide users with the online services and applications they need without compromising their privacy and trust, or the integrity of your site and your brand


As a portal begins to grow, it is imperative that our infrastructure has the performance capabilities required to scale with this growth. This refers to overall system reliability as well as scalable administration. RMSGateway is running on dedicated high end server with all international standards


RMSGateway portal deployment has a varied range of business requirements that must be met for a deployment to be successful. In addition, a portal is composed of a broad suite of technology and infrastructure tools.

Digital Cheque Processing

Aim for new and quicker way of clearing cheques that uses latest technology is going to be introduced across the banking industry. The new process will involve images of cheques being exchanged between the relevant banks and building societies rather than the paper cheques being physically moved around the country. The clearing process will be speeded up as a result, and how banks advertise time frame for funds settled between banks and parties.

What is cheque imaging ?


Cheque imaging is the process that enables digital images of cheques to be exchanged between banks and building societies, through the Image Validation/Clearing System, for clearing and payment. This will significantly speed up the clearing process.

Credit Decision Engine - CBOX

In today’s world risk managers are challenged by external forces, therefore to remain abreast with the business dynamics and changes taking place in their respective industries, they continually needing to design, develop and deploy new risk management strategies to meet their business growth objectives, while mitigating risk and remaining compliant with local rules and regulations. However, many professionals are hindered by the limitations of their legacy applications and dependent on human resources and specialized professionals.

CBOX Solution allows banks to:



  • Streamline all manual steps through automation
  • Reduce extra workload due to human intervention
  • Helps credit documentation processes through increase in accuracy, efficiency and turnaround time
  • CBOX solution will simplify financial analysis through enhanced automation
  • CBOX solution will increase bank’s range of decision-making tools

Artificial Intelligence Responder - AIR

At RMSTechknowledgy, we do not just believes in BOTs, we believe in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine. Therefore, have developed responder the platform enable us to program any type of robotic engine and will help support any type and kind of information and customer's related services. responder is agile and  programmable to suit any customer's services related requirements.

AIR can be integrated with any existing platforms, with its unique, flexible and comprehensive approach.

At present, can create a real-time visibility across Banking, Insurance, Takaful and Investment industries with predefined rules. However, can be customized for any other type of industry with its user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) rules, this can be preconfigured, can set out-of-the-box correlation rules and wizard-based drag-and-drop GUI for creating and customizing even complex rules.

AIR enables organizations to provide customers with 24/7 service, 24/7 operations, 24/7 prediction, 24/7 detection and can respond to any customer's queries  swiftly and intelligently. The responder support various functions across different industries:


• Customer Queries and Answers

• Operational Activities

• Fraud Management

• Compliance Violations

• Disruptions to IT services and

• Any other Critical Actionable Events (CAE)


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