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We bridge problems in industry by focusing on automation to capitalize new technologies

Insurance / InsurTech

InsurTech represents a spin-off of the revolutionary changes that began in the financial services industry, popularly known as FinTech. We understands the need for change in traditional insurance practices that enhance consumer relationship with insurers and provide handy touch points to consumer

App development is the core activity of RMSTechknowledgy.

We develop apps for: iPhone, iPad, Android, and on HTML5 both native and hybrid. Besides developing apps for the consumer market, RMSTechknowledgy team also has a vast experience in making apps for business. Collaboration with RMSTechknowledgy offers many benefits. Our services include: strategy and concept development, convincing design, advice on promotion and positioning, and dedicated guidance during the whole app development process

Banking / FinTech

Today what is most common between banks and its customers is convenience. It is also what RMSTechknowledgy solutions have built around. These tools bridge the consumer need of everything digital to connect at every level of frequency and purpose. RMSTechknowledgy applies its state-of-the-art technology, team expertise and knowledge to achieve convenience as close weave as possible.

A secure web portal that will help mainly banks and insurance companies along with other related parties to handle customers on robust integrated platform. Banks will be able to record   the customer's information on SSL layer and the same will be shared within the bank among different departments for review, KYC, approvals and loan disbursement.

The web portal will have the capability to integrate with any other systems, provide E2E technological support to launch insurance and banking standalone or blended products and totally capable of generating MIS as per business various requirements.


RMSTechknowledgy with its core mission that can help customer experiences in payments area by electronic payment facility via ePF module for all banks credit cards payment, utility bills, school fees and P2P payments.

The EPF will enable convenience to retail transactional customers, allowing them to do their transaction in security, swiftness, anytime and anywhere

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